If you need to get data quickly, don't email— Go Fetch It !

Quickly get the data you need, by the time you need it, in the quality, and in the format you need it.

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"Strategic decisions rely on quick data collection. I don't have time to wait for IT to build a new report."

In Rogr.io, you define the data you need with a few mouse clicks. No installation needed for any user, just go!


"I spend half of my time running after people before starting to analyze it. Communication is poor."

Rogr.io sends out data requests and reminders, and tracks the progress. You know at any time what's going on.


"Often, I don't get the data quality I need because my business partner did not understand my request."

Rogr.io makes sure the data source understands your request and, if not, handles the clarification process.


"Data for critical business decisions is stored in spreadsheets/ email. I'm afraid of a data audit or leak."

Rogr.io encrypts data before storing it either in a secure cloud, or in your company's established infrastructure.


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Easy and flexible to use
Easy user administration
Audit trail
Reminders and communication
Excel integration
Multi-dimensional data
Encryption and data security
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